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My goal as Mayor is to ensure that taxpayer funds benefit all citizens - not the politicians or a select few. I will focus on infrastructure, accessibility and public transportation, and creating an environment that encourages families to stay in Marietta and those from outside to plant roots here by encouraging small business ownership and community events that make all feel welcome.

I'm a lawyer who sues the government, and I'm running for public office.

I’m a lawyer who’s made the news for suing the government, and now I’m running for public office. How does that make sense?

I pursue cases against the government when I know that certain government officials have misused their power to infringe on the rights of the citizen. When government officials search your property without a warrant or exception to the Fourth Amendment, they violate your Constitutional rights. When government officials refuse to produce public records, they violate state law, potentially federal law, and the fact that the government is merely the custodian of public records - they belong to the people.

When you study Constitutional law in law school, you learn about the balance between individual liberties and the interests of society as a whole. You have the right to life your life the way you want to, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else. Your freedoms, your privacy, it’s all balanced against the government’s interest in creating a society that’s safe for everyone. This is why you have to do things like wear a seatbelt when you drive. We’ve collectively decided that society’s interest in creating safe driving conditions outweighs your right not to wear a seatbelt when you use the public roadways. And most of us are ok with this government infringement, we understand and accept it. We want to drive on the road, we have to wear our seatbelts.

Every time a government body enacts a new law, the officials introducing the ordinance should be considering this balancing act, in theory. Every time the government has to act in a way that restricts someone’s rights, they should be bearing the individual’s God-given rights in mind. But, are they?

Yes, as an attorney, I have sued governments, including local government

. I have an issue when government officials either forget or disregard the fact that they are meant to serve the people, and that those people have the right to live their lives with as little government intrusion as possible. When you cast your vote in November, you want to vote for someone who understands the balance between individual liberty and public good, who understands the immense responsibility of governance. That’s the type of government official you deserve, and why I’m asking for your vote. Our government has always and will always be by the people, for the people.

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