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As an independent candidate for the Mayor of Marietta, Ohio, my platform is rooted in responsible fiscal policy, inclusive neighborhood development, and the reinforcement of safety and infrastructure. I am deeply committed to investing in our people and ensuring that every block in our town, irrespective of its location, thrives. I am driven to address our declining population and transform Marietta into a vibrant hub that attracts and retains families. To rejuvenate our town and banish the specter of vacant storefronts, I will introduce robust incentives for small businesses, our unsung economic heroes. Unaffiliated with any political party, I pledge my allegiance solely to the citizens of Marietta. My independent status empowers me to act in the best interest of our community, unfettered by party lines or external political influences. Together, we can ensure that Marietta remains recognizable and resilient, a place where families plant deep roots and prosper.


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